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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Zuzu Luxe by Gabriel Cosmetics

                                               Zuzu Luxe Makeup Review
Are you looking for a safe, natural line of makeup products?  Well, look no further.  Gabriel Cosmetics line of Zuzu Luxe is perfect for any lady!

"Inspired by the European spa tradition, the ZuZu Luxe luxury color cosmetics line blends soothing, clean all natural ingredients, such as spring water, herbs and vitamins as well as rare and exotic essential oils with sophisticated, fresh colors designed for women in the know.

Just like at the European spa, ZuZu Luxe will make your face look healthy and refreshed.  The 100% natural ingredients will help keep your skin free from breakouts."-source
Certified Gluten-Free & Vegan
ZuZu Luxe Oil-Free Liquid Foundation
I love how light and elegant these products feel on my skin.  Also, as a girl with a light skin tone, I was so happy to find a Liquid Oil-Free Foundation. 
ZuZu Luxe Lipstick
ZuZu Luxe Lip Gloss
Zuzu's lipsticks are gorgeous and stunning; perfect for making your beautiful lips really pop!
I love wearing some lip gloss for a special night out. The sweet elegance provided by the lip gloss helps make it a wonderful occasion.
Here is a great tip from the company:
Mix and match our lip glosses with our lipsticks to create endless shades and looks. For a lighter sheerer look apply alone or accompanied with one of our lip pencils. Moisturizing lips before applying lip color will help it to go on smoothly.
This lip gloss is formulated with conditioning plant ingredients to smooth and soothe."-source









 If you feel like expressing your inner artist with some eye shadow, Zuzu has a great array of colors and tone to complement your unique eye color.

The choices are endless with this allergy and eco-friendly company.  There makeups are simply beautiful, clean, and pure!

Here is a bit more about the company:

" Gabriel Color & Zuxu Luxe Cosmetics are formulated free of:
·        Coal Tar Derivatives or FD&C agents
·        Parabens
·        Mineral Oil
·        Lanolin
·        Talc
·        Propylene Glycol
·        Hydrogenated Oils
·        Gluten
·        Phthalates
·        DBP
·        Toluene
·        Formaldehyde
·        Nano/Micro sized particles." -source

Saturday, March 22, 2014


The ultimate raw bar.   
                                                          Sweet, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and deliciously raw.

"What are Rawxies!? 

The number one question we get. Rawxies are a hybrid of a nutritional food bar and an indulgent dessert: Not quite a cookie, not quite a bar. Rawxies can be enjoyed anytime of the day; breakfast, mid-morning snack, or dessert. While Rawxies are not calorically dense enough to be considered a true meal replacement, they could easily accompany a piece of fruit, a small salad or a cup of (coconut) yogurt to make a deliciously healthy and quick meal. With 175 Calories or less, Rawxies were created for healthy snacking on-the-go. 

Why Oats?

Don't get us wrong, we love nut and date bars, but personally felt like they weren't maintaining satiation for an extended period of time. Creator, Callie England, wanted to bring in a grain that would slow down the digestion process and create a longer feeling of fullness. High in fiber, oats balance the nuts, dates and coconut to create a snack that won't leave you reaching for the kitchen cabinet shortly after enjoying.
Moreover, Callie created Rawxies with the masses in mind. She understood that oats represented a flavor profile that most people are not only familiar with, but as well, enjoy! So, she utilized such a product as her primary ingredient… After all, who says healthy food can't taste great!? Not us. "

For more on what Rawxies are all about, head over to their website:
 So what did I like about these snacks?
1) they are allergy friendly.
Not only are Rawxies gluten free, but they are also never heated over 105 degrees making them much healthier an more digestible.  

2) They taste great!
These crackers are so tasty. I love slight spiciness of some of crackers and the sweetness of the bars.

3) The are so portable!
It is nice to have something on hand that I can just grab on my way out the door and snack on during breaks at work or after track practice.  I love the single serving amount and cute design in the bars, in addition to the incredible flavors in the .

             The great cheezy taste is from the nutritional yeast. 

" Grain Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Living, Sugar Free, Soy Free."

                           Look at how jam packed with goodness!
      I wish I had taken a picture of what was inside, but I promise 
                    you...there really are little hearts inside!
  Thanks Rawxies!  Check out their site at

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby stuff is so cute...and expensive!

Hey everyone,
It is baby time!  I just love babies...I feel blessed to have been given a heart for babies and I just love interacting with them.  This post maybe a bit different, but we'll just see how it turns out.

My wishlist for when/if I have kids:

1) Jogging Stroller= around $150-300


Isn't that neat!  I think the bike is just so  I just wouldn't want to transport it in a van or car.

2: Carseat= around $60-300
I know the poor babies don't like it (as seen in the first picture), but they are necessary.
3. Clothes: $ 0-beyond!


That little girl is adorable.  I also love the swaddle blankets...great idea! 
That is just some of the stuff I found from the internet.  It is amazing how much stuff the try to make you think you HAVE to have.  Still it is fun to be creative with all the little things.
 Each baby is just such an amazing miracle and gift from God.


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