Saturday, December 14, 2013

Glutino Stuffing Mix

Thanksgiving is no long over and Christmas is already upon us, but I wanted to share a great stuffing mix we tried on Thanksgiving day.

Baking Mixes

Macaroni Pasta"Oh yum. Your gluten free kitchen is going to smell sooooooooooo good. Your mouth is going to water. Neighbors you didn’t even know you had are going to come rapping at your door. Butter is going to kneel at your feet and melt in abject adoration. No kidding, these are some tasty, fresh-from-the-oven gluten free miracles.
Gluten free muffins, gluten free cookies, gluten free pancakes, gluten free brownies, gluten free baking flour: we call it our Gluten Free Pantry because you’ll need a pantry to hold all your gluten free creations.
All of our Gluten Free Pantry mixes are created by professional chef and fellow celiac Beth Hilson. Now there’s a girl with a gluten free knack."

This amazing company offers so many delicious gluten free options.  I was amazed to find so many gluten free creations of familiar favorite foods.

The stuffing mix arrived just in time before Thanksgiving and it was a great blessing to have a gluten free alternative to a favorite Thanksgiving dish.  It was thoroughly enjoyed on Thanksgiving and the days after too.

Need any gluten-free products?  Glutino offers a ton of options that would be great for Christmas!
Penne Alfredo 
 They even offer frozen meals to make super quick when you are in a pinch!
Sea Salt Crackers 
These look like yummy crackers.
Blueberry Breakfast Bars 
These bars are super tasty.  It was a perfect treat to have at music camp when I went a few years ago.
Favorite Sandwich Bread

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