Saturday, December 28, 2013

Little Duck Organics-Tiny Fruits

Baby time! I love babies so much.  I love kids too, but there is a special place in my heart that loves newborns and infants.  Really, I love watching kids grow.  I love seeing them learn and imitate you. I love how adventurous some are and cautious other kids tend to be.  Sure, I'm not a parent yet, but I still love babies and children... : ) The really make my day and as much as I am excited to keep learning new things about nutrition, owning a business, and then starting to work full time (or part time)...I will always have a dream to have my own family one day.  Whether those babies are my own or adopted, I look forward and hope to one day be a stay at home mom... I am good with waiting a least a little while though! : )

I was super excited to share this new product made just for kids by Little Duck Organics.  They sent me a lovely package with two of their Tiny Fruits products, Mango Pineapple and Apple Banana.  These snacks are great for kids to have for car trips, like so many of us do over the holidays, school snacks, or anything.

I tested these two flavors out when I offered them to three of my little friends I spend time with on a weekly basis.  E, R, and J loved them!  Giggles and smiles spread across their faces as they excitedly tried the new snacks.

These snacks are 100% fruit, gluten-free, and made in the USA! Here is a bit from the website:Pineapple Mango Tiny FruitsPineapple Mango Tiny Fruits


Hi, I'm Zak - and I'm the Founder & CEO of Little Duck Organics. When I was a kid, I always had notebooks filled with doodles and sketches and things.  I always dreamed of building, creating and making wild + crazy things from those sketches.
So, when I became a grownup - with two young kiddos and one on the way - I continued to sketch. But this time, my wild + crazy sketches were of wild + crazy snacks.
What kind of snacks you ask?
Well… they were made from 100% organic fruit. They were non-GMO project verified. They had no added sugar. They were made of delicious blueberries + apples + bananas + mangoes + strawberries + pineapples.  They were in colorful packaging. They encompassed the ultimate snacktime trifecta {tasty + healthy + convenient}.
Now, with the LDO team, in the magical land of Brooklyn, I’m still sketching - every single day - to continue creating wild + snacks for that magical time of day… snacktime.
Apple Banana Tiny Fruits
This company offers great snacks for kids!  So many portable things made for kids are filled with ingredients that don't really fuel kids for good. It may make them feel good (or just happy) for a bit, but a snack like Tiny Fruits is (in my opinion) a great choice to support the building  blocks for healthy growth.  
Check out their website to learn more and order some today!

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