Sunday, December 8, 2013

Paleo to Go!

Need some baked goods or nuts already packaged up?  Have a broken oven and can't bake?  Paleo to Go is a great resource for pre-made treats all ready to go (hence the name).

These treats don't contain any High Fructose Corn Syrup, but instead use honey as their sweetener.  I feel this is a much healthier option for those who can tolerate some sugar.  I even found this great digram on why we should limit high-fructose corn syrup.  Definitely a keeper!

 Here are a few pictures I took  to try and capture the lovely Paleo to Go products.  Now, if only I can get my nails to look a bit prettier...and that lighting...hmm.  I'll keep working on it, but for now, here is some more on Paleo to Go, a company based in the Chicago area.

Based on the foundations of the Paleo Diet, Paleo to Go uses certified gluten-free ingredients like almond meal, flaxseeds, other nuts, honey, and egg as the base of their products. 
These Cookies were the perfect thing to send along with my bother when he left one Saturday morning for a special Church project.  His group, along with many other groups, raised a ton of money and helped so many people by raking bunches of leaves, buying food for a families in need, and enjoying time together while doing some old fashioned work.
Now, back to the Paleo to Go treats...I can't say this was our absolute favorite Paleo product, but for the overall healthfulness of the treats and pretty good taste overall, it is something I'd still highly recommend.  I think these types of products can be especially helpful for families who find themselves in the transition mode of trying to minimize grains, adapt their lifestyle for an allergic child, or just widen their food choices. 

Check out their website to order some today and learn more!

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