Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby stuff is so cute...and expensive!

Hey everyone,
It is baby time!  I just love babies...I feel blessed to have been given a heart for babies and I just love interacting with them.  This post maybe a bit different, but we'll just see how it turns out.

My wishlist for when/if I have kids:

1) Jogging Stroller= around $150-300


Isn't that neat!  I think the bike is just so  I just wouldn't want to transport it in a van or car.

2: Carseat= around $60-300
I know the poor babies don't like it (as seen in the first picture), but they are necessary.
3. Clothes: $ 0-beyond!


That little girl is adorable.  I also love the swaddle blankets...great idea! 
That is just some of the stuff I found from the internet.  It is amazing how much stuff the try to make you think you HAVE to have.  Still it is fun to be creative with all the little things.
 Each baby is just such an amazing miracle and gift from God.

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