Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Favorite On-The-Go Bar...

           May I introduce to you: Epic's BISON Bar
 I promise you...I am telling the truth.  This bar is made from real bison!

"The Bison Bacon bar delivers a substantial serving of our two most favorite meats; 100% grass fed and organic buffalo brilliantly combined with humanely certified uncured bacon! This unique, modern-day take on a Plains Indian staple food known as pemmican is sure to exceed your energy demands. Tender bison, savory bacon, and tart cranberries combine to create an EPIC tasting bar unlike anything you have experienced!
This nutrient-dense, flavorful, and outrageously lean animal is an iconic symbol of North America. For the past 10,000 years, the American Bison has played a crucial role in shaping the Great Plains and nourishing the native tribes that inhabited them. As late as 1871, a single herd of bison could easily contain over 1 million animals and take a man 6 days to pass through!"

I'll be heading to a city about an hour away for a concert (I play the viola), so I thought I better pack something to keep me charging as we play the music of Purcell, Handel, and more.  This concert is going to be in a church, so it will definitely be more formal, but non-the-less fun!  I just thankful we get to take the bus instead of having to drive there by ourselves. #gasispricy 

On another note, my collection of GT's Kombucha is oh my. This is not good. #kombuchaispricy

Between paying for gas and buying kombucha...I'd be broke.  #needtocutback #budgetcuts

                                                  At least we can reuse the bottles!
                                   A hawk I was trying to capture....No silly, on my camera, not for real! : )
Goodbye winter skies, hello spring breeze.  Like, really strong strong they rip roofs off!  Oh well, it is just what happens. #insurance #windcanhurt

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