Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review of JK Gourmet's Grain Free Tart and Pie Crust

I had the great privilege to test out another product from JK Gourmet: Pie and Tart Crust Mix. 

I just softened some butter, poured in the mix, blended it together till it formed a ball and then pressed it into a pie pan.

For the filling we (My mom and I) decided to expand on the great idea that my friend C had in making an absolute deliciously cake from Avocados, Dates, Nuts, etc.  We enjoyed the cake so much at a recent essential oils party, we decided to continue on the avocado theme of the weekend.  So...I have always wanted to make Avocado pudding and I said to mom...why don't we just pour the pudding into the pie crust!  It turned out beautifully and so tasty!

Full of healthy fats from the avocados and almonds, some great protein from the almonds, tons of antioxidants from the cacao, cocoa and unsweetened bakers chocolate (we were trying to scrounge up the chocolate we had left!), in addition to healthy sugars from all natural dates, and a touch of vanilla.  Perfect combinations!

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