Thursday, January 2, 2014

Triple Oak Bakery

Looking for some tasty, bakery made treats?  Search no more!  Triple Oak Bakery has many delicious items to offer.  Check out these lovely bagels.  They were a hit in our house.  We covered them with butter then toasted them in a pan. Perfect for breakfast.

Triple Oak Bakery also let us try some Cheese Scones, Gluten Free Pastry Flour, and Oatcakes.  I was excited to try the Pastry Flour so I made some pumpkin biscuits on Christmas morning.  I need to work on perfecting the recipe, but with some tweaks, lots of butter, and cinnamon sugar... they were pretty good.  It sure was great to have the Gluten Free Pastry Flour already mixed and ready to go.
Check out the website to order some treats today!  Perfect for a party, holiday, or busy morning

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