Saturday, February 8, 2014

GT's Komucha

GT's Kombucha was my first introduction to Kombucha after hearing about it from my friends at a farm I worked at (the most lovely, energetic, fun little group of friends... I will cherish the summers I had with them forever).  Anyway, I was a bit diffident to try it at first, but was really interested in the probiotic, raw, and uber deliciousness "everyone" was talking about.  You know what?  I LOVED it.  I actually tried the Gingerade flavor first and the Trilogy was my second flavor.  I liked both a lot, but the Gingerade was just plain amazing.  It takes like soda, but so much more pure, smooth...just great!  I love knowing that something so lovely and tasty can be beneficial too.

We now are making our very own Kombucha here at home (thanks to my pioneering mom and a donation of a scobi from K).  I hope to soon post a recipe, so be on the lookout!

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