Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Favorite Home-made Bread

I think I have finally completely all my tweaking of this recipe, so I'm happy to get to share it with you today.  Each slice is super moist, slightly chewy, with a lovely crust. It's the kind of bread that makes me double check my memory to make sure that yes, it is Gluten and Dairy Free!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Our Favorite Home-made Bread
4 cups Namaste Perfect Flour Blend
1t salt 
3 eggs 
1 1/2C "Coconut Milk" - *look below for details...
1T cider vinegar
2T melted butter
1/4C water heated to 110F
1T yeast
2T honey 

Heat water to approx. 110F, add in 1T yeast and honey and stir.  Set aside while you make the rest of the batter.

*Melt 2T Coconut Milk (use full fat canned Coconut Milk from the can when it is cold).  Add cold water to the melted Coconut Milk until you have 1 1/2 cups. Melt 2T butter in another bowl.  Add in melted butter and cider vinegar, stir.

Beat 3 eggs in large bowl, add milk mixture and yeast mixture and blend well.  Now add Namaste Perfect Flour Blend and salt.  Change over to using bread hooks and mix well until your batter looks like this: 

Well combined with no extra flour rolling around... : )

Pour batter into buttered (greased) bread pan and let rise for at least an hour (we let ours rise for much longer at times).  Bake covered with foil at 350F for at least 50 minutes, then check your bread and see if it has set (no longer jiggly and fully risen).  ** Take off foil and let the loaf brown a bit till it reaches your desired...brownness? ; )

** Don't worry, I'm going to double check the exact amount of time it takes to bake this loaf, but when in doubt, always check your loaf a bit before your timer goes off, as almost every oven is different!
Cool of 5-10 minutes and remove from pan to cool.



  1. Do you do a workout on the trampoline or just jump? I have toyed with the idea of getting one. It looks fun for my cross training days.

  2. Hi Hannah,
    Well yes, I guess I have created a workout on the trampoline, but sometimes I just jump. I like combining some weights and core work to change things up. My favorite way to watch the Olympics! Hmm, I think you've given me an idea for a post, thank you!



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