Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Andean Dream-GF Cookies, Pasta, and More!

                                                             "These cookies are great! The Pasta is so good!"
These are the type of great comments that was heard after taste testing possibly the best Gluten-Free Pasta and delicious cookies we have ever had in our house.  My younger brother especially loved all three flavors of cookies we received and said they we just like Vanilla Wafers.  How about that!

Have you heard of Royal Quinoa?  I hadn't...check out the very bottom of the page to learn more from the founder of Andeam Dream.
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It is my brothers first few weeks of being Gluten-Free and having this pasta to eat was such a huge blessing.  They really liked it and for a Gluten-Free pasta, I think that is saying a lot!  They have been such troopers in doing this Gluten-Free for a month challenge, so I it was very nice to have something more "normal" for them to eat.
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Andean Dream Quinoa Pasta

A healthy alternative!
Gluten Free • Organic • Kosher • Corn Free
Ingredients: Organic Royal Quinoa and Rice Flour
Fusilli box macaroni box
Quinoa Fusilli Quinoa MacaroniQuinoa Shells

The soup I gave to my sister who I'm sure will enjoy the quick and easy meal while at college.  That girl has such a busy schedule...I imagine it could really go a long way to fill in the gaps on an extra busy day.

Andean Dream Quinoa Soup

Gluten & Corn Free • Vegan
Please click on Quinoa Soup boxes for more nutritional facts.
vegetarian soup box tomato soup box
Vegetarian Quinoa Noodle Soup
"Ingredients: Organic Pre-Cooked White Quinoa, Organic Quinoa-Rice Noodles (some with organic natural colors from Spinach, Beet Root and Turmeric). Also contains Organic Pre-Cooked Red Quinoa.
Seasoning packet: Uyuni Lake Salt, Organic Dehydrated Carrots, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Parsley, Organic Oregano and Organic Turmeric.
Tomato Quinoa Noodle Soup
Ingredients: Organic Quinoa-Rice Noodles, Organic Pre-Cooked White Quinoa.
Seasoning packet: Uyuni Lake Salt, Organic Rice Flour, Organic Tomato Powder, Organic Beet Root Powder, Organic Onion Powder, Organic Garlic Powder, Organic Parsley, Organic Annatto Seed Powder, Organic Basil and Organic Oregano.

Rich in Protein — one box contains 15 grams!
Add 5 cups of water — Cooks in minutes!"-andeandream.com

All of Andean Dream's products are made with Quinoa and are totally Gluten-Free.  Here are the ingredients for the Chocolate Chip cookies:

"Organic Royal Quinoa flour, tapioca flour, non-hydrogenated palm fruit oil, raw sugar, dark chocolate chips (dairy & soy free), sugar cane syrup, rice flour, organic quinoa pop grains, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and natural vanilla & chocolate extract (soy and corn free)"-andeandream.com

I have yet to find any soy, corn, or even dairy in these great products.  Thanks for making allergen-friendly foods Andean Dream.  You helped make that first week of no gluten easier for us.

Here is a word from the founder of Andean Dream about how they are going green and about their Royal Quinoa!

"To Our Customers:
Andean Dream cares about providing you with the best possible product, and I want you to know we are concerned about the environment as well.
Whether you are a first time buyer of our cookies or a repeat customer, I thought you might like to know that the individual cookie wrappers are made with a material that is completely recyclable.
Our goal in wrapping the cookies this way is to get people away from using plastic storage bags for their carry-along snacks which do not decompose and are very harmful to the environment, or the plastic storage containers which have been found to contain carcinogens. Our wrappers are safe and environmentally-friendly. All of our other packaging is also completely recyclable. So please do not throw away the cookie wrappers, or any of the packaging; instead, please recycle.
Our products support 280 indigenous farming families in Bolivia who grow our Royal Quinoa. These people were previously some of the poorest in all of South America and their lives have significantly changed for the better because of this program. I hope you will purchase our products with the knowledge that they have a positive social impact for so many. Thank you so much.
With best wishes,
Ingrid Hirstin Lazcano
Andean Dream, LLC"-andeandream.com

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