Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lock Laces

                                                         Never tie again!

These are the greatest shoe laces I have ever tried.  Check out this video that tells you more about them.

I have struggled to keep my running shoes tied for a long time.  Some brands of running shoes come untied so many times and require doubling tying every time! 

I have seen many others, young and old run with shoe strings untied.  Though it may not take that long, it is still a bother to have to tie your shoe strings more than once.  It can also be a huge annoyance in speed work...and it could lose you a few places if you stop to tie your shoe in a race or even cause you to trip.  Not good!

So, after finding out about these neat shoe laces, I decided to give Lock Laces a try.  I have used duct tape before, but that doesn't seems to work as well as these laces by far! 

My feet felt amazingly secure in the strong elastic.  There was a bit of give, but I felt no worried that it would become lose!  

Installation of the shoe strings is a piece of cake and their customizable design is superb.  
So thankful for a company that offers a great product that makes running easier! 

Lock Laces offers a variety of colors to match (or stand out) on your running shoes. 

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