Friday, November 8, 2013

Breads From Anna

                                              Breads from Anna Review
Wow!  This company's Gluten-Free mixes are GREAT.  You can tell that Breads from Anna really know what they are doing in creating each amazing blend for their mixes. 

Each mix comes with all the dry ingredients needed to make amazing gluten-free baked goods.  From Pizza Crust, Pumpkin Bread, Maple Pancakes, Brownies, and many choices of bread, they offer great options that are not only gluten-free, but also soy, rice, and nut-free (see below about their care for not causing cross-contamination).
 "We package all of our mixes to have ultimate control.  Our manufacturing facility is Gluten, Soy, Rice and Nut (including Peanut) Free. We do use corn and dairy in one of our mixes but this mix is segregated from the eleven mixes that do not contain corn and dairy.  We source from ingredient suppliers that do not use equipment shared with wheat/gluten.  Because many of us at Breads From Anna are celiac and have severe reactions to gluten (and we love to eat our own products!) we take every possible measure to ensure we are allergen free. We care about our customers and welcome your questions." ~

Recently my family and I got to have a pizza party at the home of two of our good friends, K and M.  I have learned so much from K about health and life in general.  She inspires me so much!  We were all so grateful for the time to spend with both she and M while sharing some pizza (and amazing veggies, superb bacon, etc.) 

One of the coolest things about this pizza party was getting to see the pizza oven that K and M made...them selves....totally by hand! They are such a creative, inventive, and resourceful pair.  They have build some amazing things together...and this pizza oven is no exception.  Check it out!
Since I had received these great mixes from Bread's from Anna to review, I decided to whip up the Pizza Crust Mix on Friday and take it along for our pizza party.  Mom, K, and M all thought it was good and we I was happy (and a bit relieved) to see it held together really well baking in the pizza oven, as well as during transport to and from their house. 

In my opinion the Pizza passed the test with flying colors.  It may not be exactly/perfectly like the normal pizza crusts (M and K provided really good homemade pizza that the boys loved), but it appears to be the clear winner in the realm of gluten-free pizza crusts!

This morning I made some yummy Maple Pancakes for the boys to try.  They loved them.  I even came in later that morning to find they were all gone and heard from Mom that S had said how good they tasted more than once!  The smell of the maple was delicious and it was so nice to be able to cook them without worrying about them falling apart.  Breads from Anna really has their flour combination down!  These appeared so similar to the normal pancakes.  

Head on over to their website today to order some great gluten free products for your whole family to enjoy!

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