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Barleans-Pathway to a Better Life

       ORGANIC OILS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!www.barleans.com  http://www.barleans.com/images/products/Chia%20Seed%20Pouch%2012oz%20(300%20dpi).jpg 
I first heard of Barlean's products at a health food store while with my Aunt and Cousins.  We all got to try some of their kid's Omega Swirl.  I remember it was really tasty.  It reminded me of delicious yogurt, even though it is filled with great omegas for your body.  

Kid’s Omega Swirl | Omega 3 ADHDI just recently found out that Barlean's is offering even more products in addition to their Organic Oils.  The  Coconut oil is so smooth and creamy.  I was surprised that I could even tell a difference from the brand we usually buy since they have the same ingredients, but I really think Barlean's Coconut Oil is creamier!  I love using it in baked goods, for frying eggs, melting on veggies, or drizzling in smoothies!

Coconut Oil

The World's Freshest Coconut Oil!

Now in 32 oz Size!

Coconut Oil | Essential Oils"Barlean's has extended our family to the Philippine Island of Quezon to bring you the absolute best-tasting and most nutritious coconut oil cold-pressed fresh for your vibrant health and energy.* Our organic, island-fresh Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is hand-selected, picked fresh and harvested at the peak of flavor and nutritional value."-Barleans.com
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Here is the recipe my family makes for a Fruit Smoothie:

The avocado makes this smoothie so super creamy and provides ton of healthy fats.  There have been quite a few times when the boys will say it is like soft serve ice cream!  An ice cream-like treat that helps kids (and adults) take their fish oils?!  I like that. : )
1T-Fish oil, Cod liver oil, Coconut Oil, or preferred oil.
1/2-1-Avocado (depending on size and desired creaminess)
1-2 Bananas
1C your choice of berries (we usually use Strawberries as they are our younger one's favorite)

Melt Coconut Oil in microwave till it softens to liquid form (if using...which I highly recommend!).  Blend Avocado, Banana(s), Blueberries, and your choice of oil.  Slowly drizzle in Coconut Oil and finish up with a final blend, making sure all ingredients are thoroughly smooth and creamy.  Enjoy!

Check out Barlean's website so you can buy some healthy oils to support your family's health this winter.
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Pictured at the top of this post, is Barlean's Organic Chia SeedChia seeds are full of excellent Omega-3s, fiber, vitamins, and great trace minerals.  This super antioxidant is a favorite of my mom's.  She has them every morning, warmed on the stove, where they expand and absorb in water.

I was really intrigued by their transformation once placed in water.  I love to substitute Chia Seeds for Tapioca to make a very similar pudding-like treat.  

"Barlean's Organic Chia Seeds are a whole, vegetarian superfood naturally rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, protein and amino acids. Revered as a natural appetite suppressant and offering a comprehensive range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, this mild tasting seed is a great addition to smoothies, juices, salads and many other recipes."-Barleans.com

  • 100% Organic, Kosher, Non-GMO
  • Vegan Source of Omega-3, Vitamins and Trace Minerals
  • Supports Healthy Digestion with 5 grams of Fiber Per Serving*
  • 2,850 Omega-3 Per Serving
  • Super Antioxidant
  • Available in 12 oz. resealable pouch

Chia Seeds are also a popular sports drink. Many athletes love to use it to fuel their hard workouts or for longer races.                                              


                                                         Thanks Barleans!

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