Friday, November 8, 2013


                                   YOGA PRODUCTS FOR EVERYONE!

 Gaiam offers amazing products to support your healthy lifestyle.  From beautiful yoga mats, to functional homegoods, beautiful clothing, pain management equipment and so much more!  Head on over there to check out what else they offer:
I recently tried a lovely headband from Gaiam.  Made with a silicon strip to prevent slipping and cool logo, it is perfect for any yoga lover, mom of many, or fun-loving girl!  I wasn't super impressed when I found the headband slipped off my head (somewhat) after last night's run, but it didn't come all the way off and I have super slippery hair!  I still love this headband.  It keeps flyaways from distracting you from your pace (in running or in life)!

Another great product is the BPA-free Watercress Aluminum Water Bottle.  Check out the beautiful design!  This is one of the best ideas for a christmas gift.  Perfect for the on-the-go girl, you can travel in style and stay hydrated!  

The third product I received is an yoga DVD similar to this one available at their site right now!  I am excited to practice some poses and maybe even learn some I haven't seen before!
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