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Coconut World

                                                         Love the Coconut!
Coconut sugar                                                      
Coconut World is such an amazing source for great coconut products!  High quality, delicious coconut, and healthy benefits.  Here is a bit about their company:
"Welcome to Coconut World - your premier source for the highest quality coconut superfoods. The coconut tree is considered the "Tree of Life" by many countries. It provides an endless list of by-products, from its roots to its leaves, culinary and non-culinary, that are used to sustain lives and livelihoods. Coconut World has built trusted relationships and consider ourselves a partner with our coconut farmer suppliers. We can guarantee our superfoods to be of the highest quality with no chemicals or additives used in the growing or production processes."

Coconut Jam Product ImageThe Organic Coconut Flour is a beautiful creamy color, organic, fresh, and perfect for baking.  I love to make things with Organic Coconut Flour and appreciate another resource for this healthy alternative to grain or nut flours.  Full of fiber and low in carbohydrates, it is my first choice flour to use in baking.

"Coconut flour has a light coconut flavor and a natural sweetness making it a delicious choice to use in a variety of baked goods. To substitute in a recipe using wheat flour, replace up to 25% with coconut flour as well as an equal amount of liquid."

Coconut Sugar Product Image

I wasn't as familiar with Organic Coconut Sugar as this was my first time trying it.  It was great!  I love how it really seems/acts like real sugar while being lower glycemic. Glycemic Index Classification

"Coconut sugar is one of nature's best sweeteners. Farmers collect tree sap from the stalk of the unopened flower buds and boil it. As it cools, it granulates. The result is an aromatic sugar that looks and acts very much like brown sugar. Its pleasing delicious flavor sets it apart from cane sugars, stevia, agave syrup, and artificial sweeteners. Use it in sauces, meat rubs, and exotic dishes. It is great for baking, especially desserts. It complements fruit and, our favorite, chocolate. It dissolves easily and is perfect to sprinkle on oatmeal and to sweeten hot and cold beverages.
Coconut World's 100% Organic Coconut Sugar is made with no preservatives or additives. No pesticides are used in the growing of coconut trees. We guarantee its purity and its premium quality."

It was so great to use the Coconut Sugar just as I would regular sugar in a recent bread recipe.  It really held up well in baking (and in eating as well).  This coconut sugar can be used 1:1 to regular sugar.  And why wouldn't you want to use something that contains so much more nutrition compared to regular sugar!  Check out the great amount of Potassium, Iron, and all the other great minerals that go to fueling your body.  They may not seem to important, but they can really effect a lot!

I feel it is nice to know the coconut sugar has a high level of Potassium specifically (among the other nutrients), due to the fact that Potassium is a mineral I have been depleted off in the past.  Being depleted of Potassium can cause all sorts of issues, including constipation, muscle cramping, etc.  Any extra ways to add Potassium is great!

This last product is a lovely blend of coconut sugar and coconut milk, Coconut Jam.  This is a great spread that is so lusciously creamy.  Try it on toast, a few pieces of fruit, or right out of the jar. 
Coconut Jam

Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Coconut Syrup
Product of the Philippines
Nutrition Label 
"Coconut milk and coconut syrup combine to create this delicious and nourishing spread. Enjoy this exquisite treat on crackers with cheese. Spread on toast or a sandwich. Use it as a fruit dip. Natural oil separation may occur, just stir at room temperature. No refrigeration necessary."
Still not convinced about coconut?  It really is an amazing "super food"  that is full of great components that can really help support your body and heal all kinds of issues.  I use some form of coconut products every single day and appreciate this great resource for quality products.
Try some coconut products from Coconut World today!  You won't be disappointed.
I love it when companies share about how they started to produce food for people or how what they have learned it the process of finding great food to create their products.  Here is some information about their company that I found really interesting and inspiring!

"Through our travels in the Philippines, we have met many wonderful coconut farmers and their families. We learned first-hand the daily challenges they face...
Dondon Talas is a bright and hardworking student. But like many young men and women in his Filipino community, he dropped out of high school when his family could no longer afford school expenses. The income from working part-time at a coconut sugar farm helped him to return and finish high school.
Cesar Pampolinas heads a coconut farm in a volatile area of the Philippines known for Muslim-Christian conflict. As part of a unique effort to create harmony, a nearby coconut sugar co-operative was created in the summer of 2010 where Muslims and Christians work side-by-side.
Before farmers learned how to produce high quality coconut sugar using the sap, it was allowed to ferment into tuba, or coconut wine. Combined with a lack of employment in rural villages, tuba was a major cause of alcoholism. The introduction of coconut sugar enterprises offers a great income stream for the sap. One coconut farmer, working as a sap collector, says his family is "happier now that I'm making money, instead of getting drunk!"
In the Philippines, there are approximately 3.4 million farmers and farm workers. An estimated 90 percent of them live below the poverty line. In response, many government, non-government, and private enterprises are developing and implementing poverty-reduction models in poor coconut growing communities. These organizations educate and train the farmers on better farming techniques including crop diversification and intercropping. They help farmers develop new coconut products, such as coconut sugar, to diversify farm income. In addition, these organizations help farmers gain access to production technologies, equipment, as well as capital and markets.
As a direct marketer and distributor, Coconut World collaborates closely with these organizations and farm co-operatives. In this way, farmers have direct access to the export market, and can in turn, capture a much greater share of the overall market value.


The cultivation of coconut trees (cocos nucifera) is highly sustainable due to their great ecological tolerance and benefit to the surrounding land. The tree grows naturally in the coconut belt using very little water and soil nutrients. No pesticides are necessary and intercropping is easy. They help stabilize erosion-prone areas because of their widespread deep roots. Coconut trees have can live up to 100 yrs, 60 of those being fruit-bearing years. It is a tree that provides year-round sustenance for the communities around them, the only hazard being underneath when a coconut drops!"
Mr. Pompolinas
Mr. Pompolinas at his farm
Coconut Farm

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