Monday, November 18, 2013

Miss Paleo Mixes

What a treat it was to get to try these cookies, brownies and bread from Miss Paleo Mixes!  After a morning full of Cross Country practice and my first CrossFit practice, I came home to find a lovely package with the mixes inside, all ready for me to make.  I didn't waste much time making all three that very afternoon so the family could test them out after dinner (before dinner, as a snack, etc.)!

 I tried to get some good pictures of them, but I didn't have access to great lighting due to the fact that well...the sun was down and that is my favorite this will do for now. : )

Check out these cookies.
One of my absolute favorite things to do after a nice hard workout is bake something for my family.  I love to listen to my favorite health podcasts while baking a new recipe or trying out a new product to review, just like these mixes.  I really appreciated how simple the directions and ingredients are for baking these mixes.  Did you notice that they are Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and completely Paleo-friendly?  Got to love it!
 To me, one of the most telling tests of taste and appeal is when even a gluten eater enjoys a product.  Sure, those of us who have been off the nasty stuff for a while love the taste of Miss Paleo products...but I always like to assess the appeal by offering the really good stuff to someone who's still eating the Standard American Diet.  Well, I made three batches of Miss Paleo's treats on Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday afternoon, all but one small part of the bread were gone (and that had been squirreled away by one who wanted some for breakfast in the morning.)  So that's a dozen brownies, 24 cookies, and a loaf of bread, all gone in 24 hours.  Also, the quality was just as fresh and delicious the second day as the first.

Miss Paleo Mixes currently offers three mixes to make either Brownies, Cookies, Bread, or Muffins.  Check out their website here at

My brother especially was already asking for me to make some more brownies the next day...was it even that night that he was asking for me to make more?!  He really seemed to like them. 

I like how these mixes are free of grains (which I personally can't handle very well at all), gluten (which many of us can't tolerate or chose to abstain from), and dairy. 

imgThese mixes are such a great option for those looking to transition into a Gluten-free diet, Paleo diet/lifestyle, or for those who are looking for something to support them in a more health-conscious way of eating.  Try some today!  I think you'll be amazed that something with such simple ingredients can taste so good.

imgHere is a little more on Miss Paleo Mixes:

"Welcome to Miss Paleo!

Our Mixes are made completely without GRAIN or WHEAT and are sweetened with low glycemic coconut crystals!
We use no refined sugar, additives, chemicals or preservatives in our products. Just nutritious, delicious natural ingredients.
If you are Celiac or Gluten Free our Mixes are for you, however, EVERYONE loves Miss Paleo Mixes because they taste so good and and are so very good for you!
Check out our product lables for our ingredients and nutritional guides."

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  1. Wow, these look amazing! I'm very curious to try some--and to test drive them on my teens. Send me an email at

    Cindi @ My Primal Adventures



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