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                                a grain-free food company
I was so excited to find this amazing resource for grain-free treats and snacks!  With no grain, gluten, dairy, processed sugar, or preservatives, these great products make healthy eating easier.

Have you ever been just about to run out the door, realize you may miss a meal while you're gone and wonder what you should take to eat?  Maybe you are planning a long-car ride with kids and need something that won't require baking in the kitchen for hours.  Or perhaps you are a college student that struggles to find good options at the cafeteria?  Well, these bars (and cereal) are perfect for you! 

Great for on-the-go kids and families, busy moms who barely have a moment to stop and think, working wives or husbands in the corporate world, the teen trying to not to miss the bus to school, or the working individual with many commitments.  

Quick and easy to grab, each flavor is jab-packed with good ingredients to fuel your body.

WakeMe Dozen
"The original WholeMe bar.  Delicious, baked bar full of pecans, dates for natural sweetness, and a hint of vanilla.  Grain and processed sugar free, a great snack for any time of day or night."

My mom enjoyed testing this cereal. She mentioned that it was more soft than other granola she is used to, but she still liked it a lot.
 EatMe Cereal

This last bar is full of yummy ingredients to wake you up in the morning.  Espresso and Cacao Nib blend together to provide a great combo of all the flavors of a coffee treat, but in a grain-free bar!

Image 1
 "Who doesn't love a treat that complements a cup of coffee to perfection?  This bar is laden with espresso, raw cacoa nibs, with a few pecans and dates for a nice finish.  Super treat for early morning risers and for those that love all things espresso." Don't these look great!  I love that this company is going full charge ahead in providing grain-free options.  Read all about them below and then go check out their website to learn more and pick some up of their products for your family.  
I highly recommend you try some of these great snacks.

Two people.  One company.  Lots of great eating for everyone.  Read on…
 About Krista Steinbach
Sugar cookies.  Apple pies.  Grandma letting you lick the spatula.  Krista Steinbach got hooked on baking early in life.  Fast forward.  Add a business degree.  Sprinkle in experience at the Culinary Institute of America. Become head pastry chef at THE best new restaurant.  Start a successful independent bakeshop.  Krista’s passion turns into a successful vocation.
Along the way, Krista joined the Army National Guard and served in Iraq and Kosovo.  Serving in the desert, she learned the value of being physically fit.  When she returned, she continued her commitment to good health, joining her local CrossFit gym.
The challenge? How to blend this vocation with a desire for healthy eating.  Because face it…sugar cookies, apple pies, cakes, and pastries taste GREAT.  But they’re not always the healthiest. 
About Mary Kosir
Ideas are born in the most unlikely of ways.  Sometimes, red wine helps.
The Kosir family thought they were healthy.  They went for walks.  The occasional work out at the local club.  They ate well, or so they thought.  Then…Mary’s husband was diagnosed with Type I diabetes.  It was time to re-evaluate.
The Kosir’s kicked it up a notch.  Both parents and kids began entering races together.  They embraced a healthier lifestyle, including grain free eating.  It began working wonders for everyone.  Teenage acne went away.  Better diabetic management.  Everyone lost—and kept off—weight.  Everyone had more energy throughout the day. 
 The Challenge?  The Kosir’s wanted a snack once in awhile…one that was truly tasty, whole food-based, healthy…and grain free.
 Add a little red wine to that challenge.   Good friends talking late into the evening.  Dream up a crazy recipe idea or two.  Start baking late at night.  The first truly-tasty-no-preservative-grain-free product is born…and gains a following at Mary’s local CrossFit gym.
 Krista + Mary
It didn’t take long for Mary and Krista – who shared the same CrossFit gym in Minnesota– to figure out that they needed each other.  And the world needed them. 
 Together, Mary and Krista spent endless hours in the kitchen – minus the red wine – and began expanding and improving on their recipes. 
 It was time to start a company. And WholeMe, the company that thoughtfully prepares nutrient dense, grain-free, hype-free foods was born. Try me.
 Brand Story
 We are real people, making real food, for all of you asking “what’s in it for Me?”  The watch-what-I-eat Me.  The work-out-addict Me.  The grain-free Me.  The paleo Me.  The give-me-something-good-to-eat Me.  The diabetic Me.  The gluten-free Me.  No matter which me you happen to be, WholeMe is determined to provide genuine, delicious, convenient food.  Food that makes all of Me [you] happy.
 Founded in 2013, WholeMe is dedicated to developing great tasting grain-free foods with high nutritional value using natural ingredients.  We believe that real, good food should have a limited shelf life. Remember, real food is perishable. Ours is."

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