Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My new yoga mat!  This lovely tool makes doing planks (and Physical Therapy exercises) so much easier! 
M walks in the other day to where I work and kept on commenting about how nice it feels. I like it too M!

I'm also loving this fall weather!  I enjoyed doing some self-potraits in the beautiful lighting this past weekend.  

It was so much fun to just hop out the door in my bare feet and feel the lovely grass (and rocks and mud).  I love being barefoot!  My mom never put us in shoes as kids (unless we were going outside) and so it never felt weird to not wear shoes inside, but now that I have been able to transition into more minimalistic shoes, I also enjoy walking barefoot outside as well.

     And another one of my favorite things has been baking this fall!  I have been so proud of my brothers for going Gluten-Free for a whole month to see how they feel.  There is highly likely they have sensitivity to gluten because of how "allergic/sensitive" I am/mom is...etc. They have been really great troopers since going G-Free for the month. So, since they can't have store-bought breads or anything with gluten in it, I have had the joy of making some fun treats for them.  Below is a picture of Cinnamon rolls I made for them on my sister's birthday. 

Just as a note, I found out the hard way that it is always a good idea to bake Gluten-Free on parchment paper.  These babies stuck on this pan like there was no tomorrow...some really didn't want to leave that baking sheet.  Thankfully I have a mom who loves/doesn't mind picking at crispy edges. : )

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