Thursday, November 7, 2013

Well Fed 2

                                             A Review of Well Fed 2
                                                           by Melissa Joulwan
What a wonderful cookbook this is!

Melissa Joulwan fills page after page with helpful and inspiring ideas for healthy eating.  This book contains so much great information and recipes that you'll want to refer to again and again. I am impressed by the incredible photography and attention to detail.  This is what makes a book so good in my opinion!  Each page is bursting with color and information on the Paleo diet.  I always appreciate when authors will provide some of their own personal story and Melissa Joulwan's story is no exception. 

A wonderful section included in the book is an "about the recipes" section.  There she explains what "happy meat", "seasoning with salt", "omitting ingredients", and even " working with hot peppers."  I found this section interesting and helpful. It seems I can always learn something new from different cooks and styles of cooking.

Speaking of cooking styles, another thing I like about this book is how all the recipes use real food.  Melissa Joulwan uses simple ingredients to great amazing meals that can be whipped up quickly for the whole family.  I always appreciate cookbooks that encourage unprocessed, whole food recipes.

In her section on Paleo Flavor Boosters and then also in Sauces and Seasoning, I found some great inspiration for spicing up some of the recipes that are my "go to" meals.  Homemade mayo is definitely on my to-do list!  I have heard that it is super delicious and it would be another great fat source.  I'm always looking for more ways to include more healthy fats!

So again, this is just a superb book I really think you should consider buying.  These days it seems I could name all the recipes in most cookbooks, but in Well Fed 2, Melissa Joulwan provides different recipes that I never heard of before.  Trying these new recipes can provide excellent variety to those who want/need variety in their everyday meals!

I am quite sure I'll be using this great cookbook for many years to come!

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